Math That Makes Sense, Lecture 1: Foundations, Early Number Sense and Place-Value

This video is part of my free video course for parents, Math That Makes Sense: Elementary Arithmetic. You can find the full list of videos (with outlines and links) here

Welcome to Lecture 1! You’ll learn all about how young children develop number sense, how our base-ten number system makes life easier, and how to teach your children place-value.

If you’re looking for information on a specific topic, I’ve listed the time stamps for each part of the lecture so you can go right to it.

Happy Math!


Lecture 1: Foundations, Early Number Sense, and Place-Value
  • Foundations
    • What are the key principles of quality math teaching? [2:08]
  • Early Number Sense
    • How do young children develop early number concepts? [7:37]
    • What is subitizing and why is it so important? [27:35]
    • Why is the decimal number system so useful (and tricky)? [42:45]
  • Place-Value
    • How do we break the concept of place-value into manageable chunks for kids? [59:20]
    • What manipulatives are best for teaching place-value? [1:06:45]
    • What common errors do children make with place-value? [1:28:44]