Free Printable Division Facts Chart (Completed and with Missing Dividends)

Print out your own free printable division chart. I’ve included both a completed chart and one with missing dividends so that your child can practice all the division facts from 1÷1 up to 100÷10. 

How to use your free printable division chart

This free printable division chart is an organized list of all of the division facts, from ÷1 up to ÷10. The answers are all lined up in order from 1 to 10 for each divisor, so it’s not very useful to give to a child to complete. After all, all he or she has to do is figure out the pattern and then blast through it. No thinking required!

But that doesn’t mean the division chart isn’t useful. You just have to use it a little differently than you use a multiplication chart. Here are 3 ways to put the division chart to good use and help your child master the division facts.

Look for patterns

Invite your child to look for patterns in the division chart. For example, if you look down the ÷3 column, what pattern do you see in the answers? Why?

Your child may also notice skip-counting patterns in the dividends (the first number in each equation), or she may notice the similarities between the ÷3, ÷6, and ÷9 charts.

Use the division chart as a checklist for oral drill

To use the division chart for oral practice, just read the problems aloud to your child. Go in random order (rather than down the columns) so that the practice is mixed. Check off the problems your child knows by heart, and leave the rest unchecked so that you know you need to go back and practice some more.

Complete the missing dividends

One simple twist makes the division chart more interesting. Instead of giving your child a division chart where the quotients are missing, give her one where the dividends are missing. (You’ll see an example below, and I’ve included a printable one in the link at the bottom of the article.) Completing the missing dividends in this type of table helps kids cement the connection between multiplication and division–which is key to mastering the division facts.

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